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Buying a car is an investment that should be done thoughtfully. But how do you find a good offer when you are competing with other buyers and car dealers who may have more experience and time than you? The really good offers are usually online for a very short time because the seller receives too many calls — so it is important to be one of the first callers. I would like to show you how to solve this problem with Python, BeautifulSoup, and your own Telegram Bot. …

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SQL Structured Query Language: the language to access databases and manipulate data. We will talk about how SQL works and how we can get started quickly with our first querys in this article. But first:

What is SQL?
SQL is the standard programming language for relational databases and to be precise not just one because there are several different versions of SQL languages. However, the main syntax is the same and it is useful to know it.

In 1969, an IBM employee Edgar F. Codd defined the relational database model, which became the foundation for the well-known programming language developed…

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Selenium — once started as a browser extension and is now one of the most popular frameworks for testing web-based applications. In this article, you’ll learn what Selenium is, how to use it, and how to get started with your first steps.

Selenium Basics
Selenium is an open-source framework and consists of the components:

1. Selenium Webdriver: the main component that automatically performs the user’s actions in the browser.

2. Selenium Grid: the component that allows multiple instances to run simultaneously — on multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers. This makes it possible to run test results on as many platforms as possible, which is a prerequisite for successful automation testing.

3. Selenium IDE: records and repeats actions of the user in the browser.

The Webdriver communicates with the browser via a browser-specific driver, which also sends HTTP responses to the Webdriver…

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One of the most important tools for Data Science: Pandas — learn the most used functions in a short time and how to get results quickly. You start with a large data set: how can you read it, clean it, and evaluate it properly? I’ll show you the most important functions for this.

But first: What is Pandas and when is it used?
Pandas is an open-source analysis and manipulation tool built on Python. It was built to enable practical, real-world data analysis in Python. The advantages are its flexibility and ease of use. …

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You’re driving from one important appointment to another (in the current situation, you’re probably more likely to jump into online conferences), you need to find time for work, sports, and your social contacts — your time is limited and valuable. Ideally, you’d like the news and figures that are relevant to you and your business to be automatically collected and read to you in a short audio message between appointments: Customized, filtered news — daily.

In this article, we will try to solve this problem using Python, web scraping, simple mathematical equations, and Amazon Polly. …

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Data Scientist with a penchant for solving problems with few lines of code and computing power. Business, forecasting, automation, machine learning.

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